Managing your diabetes is a tricky full-time job. People with diabetes are more likely to have conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure which can lead to the development of a stroke or a heart attack.

The link between diabetes and heart disease lies on the high blood glucose levels which can damage your blood vessels and nerves that control those vessels. In fact, adults with diabetes are twice as likely to die from a heart disease or stroke.

The risk of developing heart disease can be increased by other factors such as obesity and belly fat, smoking, family history, abnormal cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

How to take care of your heart?

Managing your diabetes is an integral part of keeping your heart healthy. First, if you smoke, quit today! Smoking narrows your blood vessels, increasing a risk of a heart attack. Quitting will improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. The risk of a heart attack or stroke will be reduced, and you might even have an easier time being active. Next, keep your A1C, blood pressure, and cholesterol in check. Talk to your healthcare provider to know what ranges they should be on.

Habits you can follow

Adopting some lifestyle changes may help you manage your diabetes and reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Changes such as healthy eating, sleeping 8-9 hours each night and regular (daily or weekly) exercise may help you regulate stress, keep your diabetes in check, and stay at or get to a healthy weight.

If you or someone you love suffers from Type 2 diabetes, consider participating in a research study. Those that qualify may receive study-related care and medication at no cost, learn how to better manage diabetes and have access to possible new treatment options. No insurance is required, and compensation may be available for time and travel. Take care of your heart, click the button below to learn more!

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