• Chronic Care Management

  • Dear patient,

    If you are a Medicare beneficiary, and have two or more chronic conditions, Medicare is now offering a new program addressing Chronic Care Management [CCMP]. With this program, our primary healthcare team will carefully monitor and provide comprehensive care for your chronic health conditions in a systematic way to supplement your regular office visit care.

    You ask,  “How can I benefit from this Chronic Care Management Program”?   You will:

    • have 24 hour, 7 day electronic access to your health care team and to your personal care plan
    • have preventive care services scheduled, many of which are covered by Medicare
    • scheduling priority with any of our health care providers
    • have your medications closely monitored
    • receive a personalized, comprehensive plan of care
    • have coordinated care by your primary care team, including care you may receive at other locations, such as specialist’s offices, hospitals,  and other health care facilities


    Now, you ask, “What do I need to know before signing up”?   You agree and consent to the following:

    • As needed, we will share your health information electronically with others involved in your care. We will continue to comply with all laws related to the privacy and security of your health information
    • This care requires your Medicare co-insurance amount payable to Bandera Family Health Care each month that you receive Chronic Care Management:
      • If you have supplemental insurance or have a dual-eligible (Medicare + Medicaid) insurance, the co-payment will likely be covered.
      • Medicare permits us to bill for these services during any month that we provide at least 20 minutes of “non-face-to-face” care of you and your chronic conditions.
    • Prior to billing Medicare and initiating the Chronic Care Management services, a comprehensive evaluation and management visit is required, as part of an initial exam / visit.
    • If another one of your other physicians has offered to provide you with this same service, you will need to choose which physicians is best able to treat you and all of your conditions.
    • You must sign a “yearly” agreement to receive and participate in the Chronic Care Management program.

    Our primary goal is to proactively manage your health, rather than only treating disease and illness, thus avoiding hospitalization(s), to unnecessary visits to providers, and emergency rooms. You will still need to make your usual follow up appointments with your provider.

    We hope you will consider participating in the Chronic Care Management program with our practice.  You have the right to discontinue or revoke this service at any time, for any reason.  Should you have questions about this new Medicare benefit, we encourage you to speak to our staff or call (210) 695-1900.