We had a conversation this morning with Dr. Reyes and Dr. Zayas about how they feel today as they look back to the beginning.

Dr. Reyes shares: “I’m so excited! This morning I went back to the very first day and how much work we did to open the office in Helotes 16 years ago and the joy we felt. I still remember my first patient that day, she had waited 3 months to see me, because she only wanted to see me. We started with 1 employee and 1 administrator and we saw 21 patients that day. We have been blessed by the support that our community, the patients and their families have given us. My hope is that we can continue to provide the care that our patients deserve and that they continue to choose us as their home for medical care. I have to say, that I am so appreciative of my wife, Dr. Mildred Zayas, for all her hard work and dedication. Without her commitment, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Lastly, I want to give thanks to my administration and staff for helping facilitate the care that we give. Thanks to everyone in our organization for a great 16 years.”

Dr. Zayas shares: “It has been an exhilarating ride, full of moments of joy and worry, but above all, the satisfaction of taking care of the patients. We have grown so much, we’ve gone from 2 employees to 70+, so that has been a huge success for us. Our employees have become like a family to us, we have seen them get married, have babies and grown professionally. It has been a very rewarding process.”