• A Fracture Liaison Service is a coordinated preventive care model which operates under the supervision of bone health specialists and collaborates with the patient’s primary care physician to coordinate post-fracture care through an FLS coordinator (generally a nurse, NP, or PA). FLS programs recognize that patients who have fractured are at highest risk of future fractures, have greatly reduced the number of fractures and have achieved cost savings by identifying and appropriately treating post-fracture patients.


    • Close the care gap for fracture patients, 80% of whom are currently never offered screening and/or treatment for osteoporosis.
    • Enhance communication between health care providers by providing a care pathway for the treatment of fragility fracture patients.

    Our certified FLS program, is dedicated to coordinate and act as the link between the patient and the orthopedic team, the osteoporosis and falls prevention services. It will ensure all patients presenting with fragility fractures to the particular locality or institution receive fracture risk assessment and treatment where appropriate. The service will be comprised of a dedicated case worker, often a clinical nurse specialist, who works to pre-agreed protocols to case-find and assess fracture patients. 


    • FLS programs are a proven model for fragility fracture prevention
    • 50% of hip fracture patients have had a prior fragility fracture
    • All patients > 50 years who fracture are at greater risk
    • Up to 25% of hip fractures avoided in the future

    For more information contact our FLS Coordinator at (210) 296-2470