• Celebrating 16 Years...

    We had a conversation this morning with Dr. Reyes and Dr. Zayas about how they feel today as they look back to the beginning. Dr. Reyes shares: “Im so excited! This morning I went back to the very first day and how much work we did to open the office in Helotes 16 years ago and the joy we felt.  I still remember my first patient that day, she had waited 3 months to see me, because she only wanted to see me.  We started with 1 employee and 1 administrator and we saw 21 patients that day.  We[...]

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    Why is my doctor running late?

    One reason I am late: I console... Yesterday I saw Mr. Brown, who is 78 and following up on his thyroid medication. Should be simple enough visit, except that Mr. Green's wife of 56 years has just passed away. She, too, was my patient. He is crying, unable to sleep, full of anxiety and depressed. I, too, start to cry and console and pray for him right there in the room. Only after we have that discussion are we able to move on to his "medical" care. One reason I am late: I care... Right after [...]

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    Know the relationship between Allergies and Asthma

    What is an Allergy? Allergy is an abnormal response to an allergen. Allergens may be contained in pollens, molds, animal skin cells, house dust, insects, medications, or even foods such as fish, eggs, milk, wheat and nuts. These allergens cause trouble when they are inhaled, swallowed or injected into the body.   Your body protects you from things that can make you sick like bacteria, viruses and allergies. For example, if you smell pepper, your body will sneeze right away, getting rid of [...]

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