• Choosing a Primary Care Physician

    Tips For Choosing A Doctor... Selecting a primary care physician is an important first step toward managing your health. Your primary care doctor is your medical “home”, it’s the doctor you visit the most for your medical needs, such as wellness visits and routine screenings, non-emergency illnesses like earaches and sore throats, and the person you speak to about your health questions and concerns. 1. Determine Which Doctors Are “In-Network” 2. Find a Doctor with Expertise [...]

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    Screening for Depression

    Screening for Depression Depression is the most common mental health condition in the general population. 1 in every 10 patients seen in primary care have and meet the criteria for major depression.  Although symptoms of depression are common among primary care patients, two-thirds of the patients present with pain symptoms such as headache, back problems, or chronic pain and because few patients discuss their symptoms directly with their doctor, making detection of depression more [...]

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