Diagnostic Care

Preventive care and diagnostic medical care both play an important part in keeping you as healthy as possible. But, sometimes the difference between the two isn’t clear. Please keep in mind that during the same visit with your doctor, you may receive both preventive and diagnostic services.


What is Diagnostic Medical Care?

Diagnostic care is medical treatment for specific health conditions, on-going care, lab or other tests necessary to manage or treat a medical issue or health condition. Diagnostic medical care involves treating or diagnosing a problem you’re having by monitoring existing problems, identifying new symptoms or following up on abnormal test results. Our ancillary department is equipped with all the essential tools for diagnostic testing. We are your home base and one stop for all your health care needs.

Examples of diagnostic medical care include:

Imaging Center:

    • Digital Radiology
    • Sonograms
    • Bone Density Exam

Cardiac Exams:

      • Stress Test
      • Echo-Cardiograms
      • Carotid-IMT

Full Laboratory Service:

      • Immunology Testing
      • Chemistry and Hematology
      • Lab Work

Disease Management Program:

      • Allergy Program
      • Osteoporosis Program
      • ABC – Diabetes Program

Urine Studies:

      • Bladder Scans
      • UroFlow

Screening Services:

      • Vascular
      • Nerve Conduction
      • Neuropathy
      • Glaucoma
      • Visual Acuity


      • Hydration
      • Medication and Antibiotics
      • Osteoporosis Treatment


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