What is Patient Care Coordination?

At Bandera Family Health Care we take a patient-centered approach to medical care. It’s an approach that strengthens the provider-patient relationship by replacing episodic care with coordinated care focusing on long-term healing. Each patient has a relationship with the primary care provider who leads a team that takes collective responsibility for patient care, providing for the patient’s health care needs and arranging for appropriate care with other qualified providers. This approach results in more personalized, coordinated, effective and efficient care.

We achieve these goals through a high level of accessibility, providing excellent communication among patients, providers and staff and taking full advantage of the latest information technology to prescribe, communicate and track test results, obtain clinical support information and monitor performance. The outcome is a patient whose health is enhanced and whose experience with us is outstanding. Everyone, including the patient, has an essential role in the coordination of care.

Our coordinated care includes:

  • Routine Exams and Screenings
  • Active Patient Care Coordination
  • Transition of Care from:
  • Hospital
  • ER
  • Rehab
  • Home Health
  • Medication Adherence
  • Communication with other Providers and/or Specialists
  • Referral Process
  • Schedule Diabetes Education and Nutrition Services


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